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Dave DeSario-  Executive Producer | Research & Communications

Dave DeSario is the Founding Member of the Alliance for the American Temporary Workforce (AATW), a member of the NIOSH NORA Services Sector Committee advising on government research priorities, and a former temp worker. He started his communications career as a freelance reporter for the New York Post website while working as a temp in the basement of an auto parts factory in Queens as it shut down operations and sent its equipment to China and Mexico. He built and maintains the leading online resource for information on the temporary staffing industry ( and screens A Day's Work as the centerpiece of efforts to raise awareness and create action for critical issues affecting working people.



DAVID M GARCIA-  Director | producer

David has worked as a director and producer on projects ranging from music videos to political news, commercials to branded content, and documentary films for over a decade. His varied background has led to large-scale projects with Samsung, eBay, Unilever and Converse, among others. For several years, David worked as a director and producer for the advertising / marketing divisions of Edelman, the world's largest independent public relations firm, and he is an abstract mixed media artist that has shown in NYC galleries.  David lives with his wife, Danielle, and their daughter, Makena, on Manhattan's Lower East Side.